The Whippet Inn

The Whippet Inn – Wrexham

We take a look at this wonderful pub shed in Wrexham. We sit down with the owner and discuss the ins and outs of his pub shed.

The Whippet Inn

Pub Shed Name

The Whippet Inn




Mark Jones


Pub Shed: How did you come up with your pub shed name?

The Whippet Inn: After a pub in a carry on film.

PS: How long have you had your pub shed?

TWI: I’ve only had my pub shed about 2 months now.

PS: How much have you spent on your pub shed?

TWI: The shed itself cost £750, but I’ve looked in boot sales and reclaimed wood for the bar and the shelving.

PS: What’s the size of your pub shed?

TWI: 12 X 10


PS: Did you build it yourself or get someone else to build it?

TWI: I had a mate help, he really was a help too.

PS: Have you got electricity in your pub shed?

TWI: I have got electricity. I use an extension lead which I take out at night for safety.

PS: Did you power it yourself or did you use an electrician?

TWI: I have plugs in there which I put in myself but they just hook up to the extension lead.

PS: How did you learn about creating a pub shed?

TWI: A lad I know has always had a small bar in his garden, i’ve always wanted a inside bar somewhere i can sit when weather is not to good.

PS: What was the hardest part?

TWI: The hardest part was probably saving for it and getting the ground level.

PS: What was the easiest part?

TWI: The bar. It’s two long pallets and a work top. It looks great.

PS: What have you enjoyed the most?

TWI: It’s just like having a hobby. I have never been good at DIY but this has helped me better that.

PS: What advice would you give other pub sheddies?

TWI: Enjoy it and have it how you want it.


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