The Tattooed Arms Gateshead

This excellent pub shed in Gateshead is well worth checking out. So we do. We ask the owner Matthew a few questions and try and get a feel of what it takes to make a fantastic pub shed.

The Tattooed Arms Gateshead

Pub Shed Name

The Tattooed Arms




Matthew Forster

The Tattooed Arms Gateshead

Pub Shed: How did you come up with the name for your pub shed?

The Tattooed Arms: I’m really into tattoos, I’m covered!

PS: How long have you had your pub shed for?

TTA: I’ve had the pub shed now for 16 months

PS: How much money have you spent on your pub shed?

TTA: I’ve spend around £4000 and keeps going up every week

The Tattooed Arms Gateshead

PS: What was the cheapest item?

TTA: The cheapest items are things I get from ebay. I got a metal Budweiser sign for £1.50

PS:  What was the most expensive item?

TTA: The shed itself was the most expensive item which cost £1500

PS: What was the best bargain?

TTA:  The best bargain I have ever got was a 55″ 3D TV off a good friend for FREE!

The Tattooed Arms Gateshead

PS: What’s the size of your pub shed?

TTA: The size of the shed is 10 foot by 12 foot with an 8 foot by 6 foot extension to the back and with a portable toilet I’ve just had that built a few months ago.

PS: Did you build the pub shed yourself or get someone else to build it, like a professional?

TTA: I got a company to build the shed and my friends helped me with the inside like the bar counter.

PS: How much did it cost for the shed to be built by the company? Which company was it?

TTA: The shed cost me £1500 it’s 22mm tongue and groove and also tantalised. The company is called northern shed.

PS: Have you got electricity in your pub shed? If you have, how have you got it set up? Did you run the cables and fit the plug sockets yourself or did you use an electrician?

TTA: Yes it has electricity my friend is a electrician we dug a trench from the house up to the shed and he wired armed cable from house and put a breaker in shed and 6 sockets.

PS: How did you learn about creating a pub shed? Where did you get your information?

TTA: I got the idea from a friend that had a pub shed but not as good as mine lol 

PS: What was the hardest part of creating your pub shed?

TTA: The hardest part was probably the base as it’s raised off the garden

PS: What was the easiest part of creating your pub shed?

TTA: The easiest was probably me sitting back having a beer and letting the professionals do their thing.

PS: What problems did you run into when creating your pub shed?

TTA: I have been lucky to never ran into any problems.

PS: Is there anything that you know now, that you wished you knew when you

TTA: I would have put in a toilet from day 1

PS: What have you enjoyed the most?

TTA: The thing I’ve enjoyed the most is having the lads around on a Saturday for the Newcastle games even though we got relegated lol

PS: What advice would you give other pub sheddies?

TTA: My advice to people is to build one, it’s great!






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