The Regal Seagull Long Island

The Regal Seagull – Long Island

This pub shed is based in the United States Of America. We have a chat with it’s owner and ask how he came about creating such a brilliant pub shed.

Pub Shed Name

The Regal Seagull


Long Island, New York


Peter Matthew

The Regal Seagull Long Island

Pub Shed: How did you come up with the name of your pub shed?

The Regal Seagull: Just something different i thought of.

PS: How long have you had your pub shed for?

TRS: I’ve had it since 2012

PS: How much money have you spent on it?

TRS: I’ve spent over $40,000

PS: What was the cheapest item you have purchased?

TRS: The cheapest item was probably the plastic shot glasses

PS: What was the most expensive item?

TRS: The most expensive items were the authentic casino slot machines

PS: What was the best bargain?

TRS: A brass bell from a garage sale for $5

The Regal Seagull Long Island

PS: What’s the size of your pub shed?

TRS: 12×14

PS: Did you build it yourself or get someone else to build it, like a professional?

TRS: It was professionally built on site.

PS: If you got someone else to build it, did it cost you any money, if so how much?

TRS: It cost about $7000 to have the basic structure built.

PS: Have you got electricity in your pub shed?

TRS: Yes

PS: How have you got it set up?

TRS: It was professionaly wired up by an electrican. It has its own circuit breaker box and wired to handle 300 amps.

The Regal Seagull Long Island

PS: How did you learn about creating a pub shed?

TRS: I’ve always wanted a pub shed in my backyard.

PS: Where did you get your information?

TRS: I tried to incorporate a lot of the best ideas that are found in professional pubs.


PS: What was the hardest part of creating your pub shed?

TRS: Clearing out dead shrubs and cutting down an old tree to make room for the new pub shed.

PS: What was the easiest part of creating your pub shed?

TRS: Paying people to build it for me lol

PS: What problems did you run into when creating your pub shed?

TRS: For the most part, everything went smooth for me.

PS: Is there anything that you know now, that you wished you knew when you started?

TRS: That this is quite an expensive hobby if you decide to go all in.

The Regal Seagull Long Island

PS: What have you enjoyed the most?

TRS: Lot of after hour parties.

PS: What advice would you give other pub shedders?

TRS: To take your time and plan everything out in advance. Also go bigger then you need if possible. Once you start filling up the pub shed, space runs out quickly.


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