The Dog House Lincolnshire

The Dog House Lincolnshire

We chat with the owners of The Dog House Lincolnshire. We take a look at this absolutely amazing American themed pub shed and ask the owners how they managed it.

Pub Shed Name

The Dog house




Mark & Michelle Jollands

Pub Shed: How did you come up with the name?

The Dog House: My husband is always in the doghouse hence the name!

PS: How long have you had your pub shed for?

TDH: We have had it for 2 years now

The Dog House Lincolnshire

PS: How much money have you spent on your pub shed?

TDH: We have spent over £1000

PS: What was the cheapest item?

TDH: The cheapest item was the bar bell

PS: What was the most expensive item?

TDH: The most expensive item was a original 1930’s mills one arm bandit

The Dog House Lincolnshire

PS: What was the best bargain?

TDH: Harry the deer head.

PS: What’s the size of your pub shed?

TDH: 10ft x 10ft

PS: Did you build it yourself or get someone else to build it, like a professional?

TDH: We bought the summerhouse & built everything inside, I designed it & my husband built it.

PS: How long did it take to build?

TDH: The inside took 2 and a half weeks at 4 hours per day, to complete.


PS: Have you built a shed before?



PS: Have you got electricity in your pub shed?

TDH: Yes

PS: If you have, how have you got it set up?

TDH: Armoured cable from the house feeding pubs own consume unit, which in turn feeds socket outlets, lighting & led’s ect.

The Dog House Lincolnshire

PS: Did you run the cables and fit the plug sockets yourself or did you use an electrician?

TDH: We did it ourselves. Mark is an electician.

PS: Considering you have never built a shed before, how did you learn about creating a pub shed?

TDH: Good diy skills & Internet research.

PS: Where did you get your information?

TDH: Internet.

PS: What was the hardest part of creating your pub shed?

TDH: My husband laying the concrete base on his own.

PS: What was the easiest part of creating your pub shed?

TDH: Signs & decoration

PS: What problems did you run into when creating your pub shed?

TDH: Rooting all the wiring so non of it was on show.

PS: Is there anything that you know now, that you wished you knew when you started?

TDH: Not really.

PS: What have you enjoyed the most?

TDH: Switching the lights on.

PS: What advice would you give other pub sheddies?

TDH: Pick a theme & stick with it, lots of research & not adding items that don’t match the theme.

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