Shed Design

It doesn’t matter if you design your shed on a napkin or if you have a professional design.

Designing your shed and working out the layout will help you and save you time and money.

Interior Shed Design

Before you start the decorating, you will need to work out where everything goes in the shed.

Where to put the bar

Probably the most important decision when designing the interior of your pub shed is where to put the bar.

Shelves/Storage For Glasses

You can’t serve drinks without glasses. Tumblers, shot glasses, wine glasses, you get the idea. If you have all these glasses you will need somewhere to store them. You may need to put up some shelves or have some cupboards to keep the glasses in.

Seating Area

You can put some stools next to the bar, but if you have a big shed you may want to set up a table and chairs.

Try and set aside an area for seating and get that real pub feel.

Entertainment Area

Is there an area for games? Are you going to put in a fruit machine? You will need to work out where they will do if you intend on having them in your pub shed.

Exterior Shed Design

Outdoor Furniture

Have you got a pub bench or a garden table and chairs? It can be very nice in the summer to sit outside and bask in the sun, whilst sipping an ice cold beer or a cocktail.

Outside Toilet

If your house has an outside toilet, then that’s fantastic! It means that you won’t have far to go if you need to do your business. Otherwise another alternative could be a portaloo or a bucket.

Painting Your Shed


One funky idea to get your pub shed looking brilliant and standing out from the rest, would be to paint it.

Could you imagine one with the union flag painted on it?