How To Erect A Shed

If you have laid your shed base, then you now need to know how to erect a shed.

Before you erect your shed, it may be wise to treat all the wooden parts with a preservative. This helps keep the wood in tip top shape and makes it last a lot longer. You should always make sure you are safety aware, so use gloves and goggles to stay safe.

It’s probably best to have a mate help as many hands make light work and it will make the job a lot easier.

How To Erect A Shed

How To Erect A Shed: Assembling The Floor

Depending on your shed, you may need to attach the floor panels to the joists, but some come with the floor panels already attached. If they are already attached then you can just lay the floor panels done on the solid shed base.

How To Erect A Shed: Putting Up The Walls

If you mark the center point of each wall on the bottom edge and mark the centre point on the shed floor you can make sure they are centered exactly when you put up each wall.

Attach the back shed wall, also known as the back gable to the side walls using nails.

The front shed wall, also known as the front gable, is then fitted to the side panels using nails.

Don’t nail the walls to the floor until the roof is fitted.

How To Erect A Shed: Adding The Roof

Some sheds come with a roof support bar. If your one does, this needs to be fixed in place before you attach the roof panels.

If you have fixed you roof support bar, then simply nail the roof panels in place.

Make sure there is an equal overlap at each end.

Then simply add the roof felt by using tacks.

Once you have fitted the roof you can then safely nail the shed to the floor.