Garden Bars

Garden Bars

What are Garden Bars?

In this post we will look at something different to a pub shed, we are talking about garden bars.Garden Bars

If you want a social area but don’t have or want a shed (why not?!) you could get a garden bar instead.

If you are asking yourself what are they and how are they different to pub sheds, well they are a bar in your garden.

Why would I want one?

If you don’t have enough space for a shed, a garden bar is ideal because it is usually smaller.

You could set one up and have a garden party. They are different to pub sheds because garden bars are open and pub sheds generally are in a closed environment.

What are they made from?

They could be made from anything such as concrete, metal,or even plastic but they are mostly made from timber.

How much do they cost?

They normally range from between £300 to £1500 depending on the size and the materials.

Where can I buy one from?

You can buy garden bars from a number of websites, garden centres and home stores.

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