AK47 Cocktail Recipe – The Ultimate Guide

What is an AK47 Cocktail?

A AK47 Cocktail is a cocktail with a lot of alcohol in. If you have about 2 or 3 of these you’ll probably end up passing out!

The history of an AK47 Cocktail is a bit blurry but what we do know is this super strong cocktail is very likely to get you drunk!

AK47 Alcohol Content

Obviously depending on what type of spirits you use, the alcohol content can change dramatically.

RumĀ 35% ABV
Vodka 37.5% ABV
Whiskey 40% ABV
Bourbon 40% ABV
Brandy 40%
Cointreau 40%
Gin 37.5%

A part can be any measure. Assuming 1 Part is 25ml and the overall volume of the entire drink is 250ml, then the alcohol content of an AK47 would be 27% ABV or 54 proof.

AK47 Cocktail

AK47 Ingredients

AK47 Method

Step 1
Get a cocktail shaker

Step 2
Add Ice to the cocktail shaker

Step 3
Add the alcohol to the cocktail shaker

Step 4

Step 5
Pour into a highball glass

Step 6
Top Up With Soda