About Pub Shed

Welcome to PubShed! I’m John, and I’m so happy you’re here.

You may ask yourself why did I start a website about pub sheds?

I love sheds and I love pubs! I thought why not combine the 2 and make a pub shed?

What could be more entertaining than a game of darts and a pint of ale in your back garden?

I started this website as a reference for myself but also for others.

I want to make PubShed the best website for pub sheds and man caves.

The idea of converting your garden shed into a pub may seem a bit daunting,

Enter PubShed, your one stop destination for all the inspiration, information and resources you need to make your shed into the best pub shed ever.

PubShed is designed to save you time and money which means more time drinking and more money to spend on stuff for the shed!

We Will Help Your Shed Stand Out From The Rest

Pub Shed

At PubShed, we believe that pub sheds are hubs of joy and a central place for friends and family to meet and socialise. Family members and friends come to pub sheds for a refreshing drink and to relax . Here at PubShed, we believe what makes a great pub shed are the people.

Our goal is to bring you the latest information and be a library of knowledge to make your shed the best it can be. We’ll let you know about everything from the best roofing to the best flooring. Everything to make your PubShed be the best it can be.

We will also bring you real life examples of existing pub sheds including q and a’s from real pub shed owners!

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